Research Paper 

In the following list shows the only paper that I have written in English. If you want to refer what I have written in Japanese, please go to my Japanese Homepage site

Utilizing Comical Mascots (Yurukyara) to create city authenticity? “Authenticity” Routledge (2018.07) (pp.226-242)


This is a book published in the summer of 2018. It was edited by Laura Tate et al. I have written a chapter of boom of Japanese comical mascots, Yurukyara. I have assumed that the recent boom of Yurukyara is based on a desperate attempt to create city authenticity or city identity.  

The development of urban shrinkage discourse and policy response in Japan, Cities 69 (April 2017)


Tokyo's "Living" Shopping Streets: The Paradox of Globalized Authenticity (co-authored) “Global Cities, Local Streets” Routledge (2015.07) (pp.170-194)


This is a book published in the summer of 2015. It was edited by Sharon Zukin et al. I have written a chapter of Tokyo's shopping streets along with Prof. Machimura of Hitotsubashi University and his student, Dr. Sunmee Kin. I took responsibility for writing about Shimokitazawa, my favorite local shopping street. 

The Image Map Survey of High School Students for Tokyo Metropolitan Area


This is a paper that was presented in the annual conference of Association of European School of Planning in Prague, 2015. The paper was published from Meijigakuin University Press, "Keizai Kenkyu."

 In order to execute a good urban planning, one should understand how people image their city. However, most of Japanese cities have tendency to neglect how people conceive their city. This neglect is even stronger toward teenagers, thus making most of Japanese cities unfriendly to them. 

 For the purpose of making up for these situations, the research is conducted in order to understand how high school students living in Tokyo perceive their city. The research has applied Kevin Lynch’s Image Map Study and asked 192 high school students to draw the map of Tokyo. 

Shimokitazawa- The Study of Organically Developed Shopping Districts in Tokyo


This is a paper that was presented at the annual EDRA (Environmental Research Design Association) held in Seattle, in May, 2012. The paper was also published from "Keizai Kenkyu" of Meijigakuin University Press in December, 2012.

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